Need a Small Business Website? Why Cityline Websites Fresno?

We Really Want To HELP YOU Build Your Business

Your website and online marketing is an investment in your business. We want to work with you to create a professional website and market it well. Cityline Websites Fresno follows all the latest best practices and methods to give you the best chances of getting found. Our online marketing plans are customized to fit your small business in the Fresno and Clovis area.

For us, it's not about getting rich, it’s about doing such a great job that your business thrives, and you refer us to everyone you know!

Quality Design

Website Designs for your business are influenced by several factors:

  • You, the client – You know your company, you have likes and dislikes in a website design. We will work with you to develop a site that represents you and your business.
  • Your Customers – The design has to appeal to your customers. There are only a few seconds before a potential customer forms an opinion of your site. Design and navigation is extremely important. Poor website design or functinality could scare away your business.
  • The Search Engines – With a small business, you probably would appreciate traffic from Google and other search engines. The design should accommodate the requirements for optimal search engine optimization. This includes the use of titles, more relevant content, and use of frequently searched key words throughout your business site. (even bolding your key words such as "small business websites" or "web designer, Fresno, California").

Please take the time to review our Website Portfolio.

Quality Programming

  • Sites created by Cityline Websites are built with the search engines in mind. We adhere to strict guidelines to ensure your site is well-programmed, with the best chance of being found in particular by Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • All code is programmed from scratch in order to maximize control of what goes on the screen.
  • We check the final result with older versions of the browsers to ensure the look remains consistent with the design that our website designer has designed.
  • The result is a professional design with all the “trigger” key words so that the search engines can find you.

Great Prices

  • Our prices may be less than you’d expect. Call us for details and what we include with all website packages.
  • We can register your domain name for you. By us registering your name, you only have to pay one bill.
  • We will host your website for you.

Quality Service

At Cityline Websites Fresno, we believe that unique,creative design and exceptional service is the best form of advertisement. We rely heavily on work of mouth recommendations for our business.

We attempt to meet all our local clients face-to-face. We are doing business with people, not the company. It’s important to know who we are working with so a well-designed site can be created up to the customer’s expectations.

We utilize significant dialogue during the design phase to create the look you want for your small business. After all, it is your website. 

Contact Cityline Websites Fresno now for a FREE QUOTATION on your next web design project.

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