Websites By The Month FAQs

Questions on how the Websites By the Month program works?  Well hopefully we can answer your questions below.  


What is different between a standard website and a Website By The Month website?

Not much.  With the Websites By The Month sites, we may restrict the layout of your website so that it conforms to something fairly standard, but otherwise everything is the same.  You still get a customized design, premium hosting, initial search engine optimization tweaks and the same service.

Do I have to sign any long term commitments for my website?

In order to protect ourselves, Cityline Websites needs a committment of a minimum 12 months when enroling in the Websites By The Month plan.  After the 12 months, you can quit any time, just let us know. But of course we hope you won't.


How do I get help in making changes to my website?

Websites By The Month uses the Cityline CMS for our content management system.  We provide one 30 minute training session by phone to teach you what you need to edit your site.  We are working on a very extensive video help system to help you if you forget.


I don't want to make the changes myself - can you update my website?

Yes.  Cityline Websites staff can make the site changes you need , based on an hourly rate, billed in 15 minute increments.  We do our best to make your website updates within 48 hours.


How do I pay for my website?

You will be paying for your website via credit card through a subscription system on PayPal.  Sorry but we can't accept any other form of payment.  You do NOT need a PayPal account to participate in the Websites By The Month program.


What happens when I cancel or stop paying for my website?

If you cancel your website, we will take it offline for you.  If you stop paying, we will give you fair notice to make sure there weren't any bank / credit card errors before we shut down the website.


Do I own my website?

The Websites By The Month program is intended to be a monthly subscription service allowing business owners to have a website without a significant up front cost.  Under the Websites By The Month program, you own the content (text & images & design), but not the programming files.  You are not able to take the  website in its entirety and host it elsewhere.  However,  if you chose to go with a different company, you can take the content and do as you wish with it.

Can I buy out my website?

After a minimum of 6 months, you may buy your website outright at 90% of the initial website cost. This 90% value does not diminish over time.  If you wish to continue to host with Cityline Websites, you can do so at our standard hosting rates.

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