Social Media Marketing FOR YOUR SMALL BUSINESS In Fresno

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the promotion of your business through websites that have a network of people sharing information. 

There are many social media networks, such as: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, Foursquare, and more.  In addition to these social media specific sites, we at Cityline Websites Fresno include review sites such as Yelp,, Urban Spoon, Trip Advisor, and several others relevant to your business.

The paragraphs below give a short introduction to each of the Social Media Channels that Cityline Websites Fresno may recommend when doing a social media marketing campaign.

Of note, we have not included the social media advertising in this section of the website. You can find more information on advertising through social media in the online advertising section of the site.


Facebook, the largest social media platform is generally also the most effective at growing your business through social media.


We at Cityline Websites Fresno recommend Twitter for businesses that are not solely local.  While Twitter is great at disseminating information, the Twitter audience is often more global.


We recommend marketing your business through LinkedIn if your client base can be business owners or professionals.


Companies that  create videos for their websites and create a You Tube channel are going to have an advantage.  Videos are a great interactive element for your website - which Google loves.  You can also attach transcripts to videos on You Tube which contribute to your search engine ranking.  And coincidentally, YouTube is owned by Google.

Google Plus

Google Plus was built to compete with the functionality of Facebook.  It is necessary to have your business registered with Google Plus - if nothing else for the pin on the Google map.


Pinterest is a newer social media site where people share photos. If you are a business that has great photos – artistic, of your product, etc - to share, Pinterest could be for you.

Review Websites

Do NOT underestimate the power of an online review - both positive and negative.  It is important to get reviews on the relevant review sites from current and past clients. Google will notice.  Establish accounts where you can so you can respond to your reviews.

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