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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization - what is it?  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves the techniques used to improve the organic search ranking of a website for Google and the other search engines.


How Do I Get My Website To Rank Higher on Google?

How to rank your website on Google - that is the question...  There are many ways to do search engine optimization, however, there is no single magic method to improve a website's rankings.  Google for instance uses at least 200 different variables to determine where a website will be listed on their search engine results.  So based on Google’s criteria, there are at least 200 different ways to improve your website.

Google does not give specifics as to what makes a website qualify to rank higher.  What Google does say is that the websites need to be engaging, and have relevant content.  By engaging, Google means that others find it to be high quality and like the site.  They may link to the site from their website, comment on your blog or they may spend more time on your web pages, by reading, watching videos, or looking at social media feeds.

A few other SEO factors to consider in order to do well in Google are:

  • Don't go too far out of the box when comparing your website to your competitors' websites. Monitor what they are doing and make some minor improvements.  If they all have 100 words on a page, then you should do the same.  If they all repeat the keywords 10 times, you should also have the keywords show about 10 times on the page.
  • Use META tags well.  META tags are very important in telling the search engine robots what the page (and website) are about.
  • Use great headings.  Be sure to use headings and subheadings that include your keywords.  Headings tell search engines what the page is about. But don't forget to also include these keywords distributed within the body of text as well.
  • Keep content fresh on your site. Google is looking to determine which website is the best and most relevant - who knows the most about a topic.  To prove this, you need to have enough content, and generally should have at least some fresh content on your website.  If you do, then people will come back to your website and spend more time on your website.  When you have interesting and relevant content, people will tweet about your website and post about your website on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, YouTube, Pinterest or other social media platform.


How Can Cityline Websites Help with SEO?

Cityline Websites Fresno has experienced staff who are very well trained in Search Engine Optimization.  Our Fresno based SEO team has learned from one of the best SEO experts in the field.  We take our Search Engine Optimization very seriously and ensure we keep current with SEO industry trends.

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