Premium Website Hosting

Website hosting service is not the standard shared web hosting you'd normally get.  Cityline Websites Fresno uses a dedicated server.  A dedicated server is just that - a place to host your website that is dedicated only to websites hosted through our company.  We ensure the servers are fast, with lots of space, bandwidth and reliability.  There are no cagey sites stored on our servers, so your site doesn’t risk being penalized by association.  We only host websites that are quality businesses.

In the unlikely case there are any issues with your website hosting?  Call Cityline Websites Fresno, we'll talk to you directly.  No call backs, no "take a number", no ticketing system or automated messages.  You'll get a real person.


Can I Host my Website Myself?

No, Cityline Websites Fresno will host your website.  The reason is that website hosting companies all have different systems and different rules for emails, forms, databases and standards.  We need to ensure the best website hosting service, therefore need to be in control of the website hosting company.  The last thing we want is for a website hosting company to change the rules and you as a business owner do not receive your inquiries from prospective clients, or worse, your website goes down.


Website Domain Name Registrations

Have a website domain name already?  Cityline Websites Fresno can redirect it to our servers. 

Don't have a domain name?  Talk to us about choosing a great domain.  We can reserve a domain name for you.


Email Addresses

An email address with your domain name is an important part of completing your professional website presence.

Don't know how to set this up on your account?  No worries, as Cityline Websites Fresno will create up to 5 email addresses for you.  You can have these addresses forward automatically to an email of your choice, or we can create a separate account on our servers with a generous 1GB of space. If more email space is required, we can upgrade your email account for a minor monthly fee.


Enquire now to find out how to get an effective web presence for your business.

Clean, responsive and customized Google-friendly websites with low monthly payments.