Optional Website Modules

Great Features We Can Add to Your Web Design

In addition to a robust, easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) which we will use to build your site, we have custom modules available to enhance your website and ensure the optimal user experience. 

All our modules include easy-to-use interfaces, built so you don't have to spend all your time editing the website.  We customize all website modules to suit the needs of your clients and your business.



Do you have events you want to showcae on the home page of your website?  Our events module will allow you to put in new events, including start times, end times, summary information, and full event descriptions.  In addition to the home page listing, each event gets it own page where you can put as much or as little information as you want.  Check out the events module box on these sites.



A survey allows you to create an interactive element to your site - something engaging.  With the survey module, you can see what team your website viewers think will win the big game or what service of yours potential clients will use most often. 



Testimonials are a very powerful way to persuade website viewers to become customers.  Our testimonials module allows you to include a snippet of text to put onto every page, plus a page showing all your testimonials in full.



Our file sharing module allows you to upload and download files, protected by passwords that are set in the administration area of the site. You can set specific passwords for individual directories, in the event that you want customers or staff to ony have access to their individual files.



The Galleries module is included in the base price of the Cityline CMS.  There can be any number of galleries, each of which is assigned to a page of choice.  The galleries created can include photo specific captions if need be and use HTML5 and JavaScript programming.



The members module is a powerful addition to your website, which allows a separate area only accessible by those with specified usernames & passwords.  You could give either groups or individuals access to company specific information you don't want others to see.  These additional pages would become part of the website dropdown menus or hidden pages if you desire.  The membership module also allows you to add information about members, such as a photograph, and contact information and a biography, if you wish.  Of note, there is usually a certain amount of customization for this module, depending on your needs.



Do you have multiple locations or distributors of your product?  You can use our Google-based store finder module to show your locations.  These locations are created and edited in the control panel.



At Websites By The Month we strongly recommend that all websites have a blog.  A blog allows you to continually add fresh, relevant content to your website in an organized manner.  Ask us how you can best utilize a blog for your website.



What's happening at your company?  Would a scrolling news ticker be of use to show your viewers what's going on?  The News module allows you to display news item headings on the home page, followed by detailed information about the news item on a dedicated news page.



An articles module allows you to have a random article snippet on each page, followed by a dedicated page that hosts all the articles with dropdown stories.  It's a great way to keep the readers engaged - showing something new every time they refresh the page.



The Cityline Websites module is a powerful addition to any website. Sell your items online, and make money while you sleep.  We have spent thousands of hours to ensure you have the tools and the options to customize your e-commerce site. Some options include: shipping charges, creation of unlimited categories, product options, coupons, multi-product discounts and more.  All this and the ability to have full control of the search engine optimization for your items. 



Do you have a corporate site where you want to advertise job positions?  Our job module allows you to advertise your open job positions, collect resumes and keep track of inquiries.

Enquire now to find out how to get an effective web presence for your business.

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