Online Advertising For Your Fresno Business

Looking to bring in more business to your website?  Advertising Online is a great alternative to the Yellow pages and other traditional print media and mailings.  Whether your advertising includes Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, or advertising directly with a relevant website, Cityline Websites Fresno can help.

Choose one of the Online Advertising options below to learn more about why this method of advertising may be of a help to you.

  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Advertising on Specific Sites

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a great way to bring additional traffic to your website.   More people search Google than any other search engines, combined.  We have found that more than 90% of the online searches done are through Google.  Alongside the Google search results, are paid ads.  Although the layout changes frequently, these ads are usually positioned at the top and along the right side of the search results page. Yes, there are ads at the top of the Google results page, generally in a lightly coloured box.  These ads can be specifically targeted toward your target audience and you can exclude words that don’t generate the appropriate traffic.

We at Cityline Websites Fresno recommend Google Adwords for most websites to increase their web traffic.


Why use Cityline Websites Fresno to Manage your Google Adwords Campaign?

All Adwords management staff for Cityline Websites Fresno are certified by Google in their Adwords program.  There are many ways to improve the efficiency of your Google Adwords campaign.  Our experience helps us create a very effective Adwords marketing campaign to get the most for your money.


Facebook Ads

Facebook ads show up based on your age, location, hobbies and other attribute you've specified when setting up your ad campaign.  Advertising your website on Facebook through the Facebook Ads program can be a great way to bring traffic to your website or Facebook page.  However, we at Cityline Websites Fresno do not recommend Facebook Ads in all cases. 


When is Advertising on Facebook Appropriate?

For companies that are building a brand, or local companies that have a product or service the customer may not need in a hurry, then Facebook Ads could be a great option. Clients may not click on your ad until they've seen it 5 or 10 times.  Then they may warm up to your company brand, or the service they've been thinking about over the past days, weeks, or months.


Why use Cityline Websites Fresno to Manage your Facebook Ads Campaign?

Our staff know what ads are appropriate to bring traffic to your website.   We can create ads for branding, or ads to maximize traffic.  Or maybe you need to target a specific demographic.

Trust Cityline Websites Fresno to create and manage your Facebook Ads campaign.


Linked In Ads

The Social media site, LinkedIn is intended for networking among professionals.  There are many features similar to Facebook, however, where LinkedIn shines is for career promoting and networking.  LinkedIn ads are not appropriate for everyone.  There are many industries that would not significantly benefit from advertising on LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is a more appropriate advertising method for businesses that would appeal to professionals. 

If your business would benefit from LinkedIn ads, Cityline Websites Fresno will set your company up with the appropriate ad campaign.

Questions about LinkedIn ads? Contact Cityline Websites.


Bing Ads

Bing, by Microsoft, offers ads similar to Google Adwords.  However, because Google is used much more frequently than Bing for searches, there is less competition for the phrases, and therefore advertising on Bing is often less expensive.

There are times when Bing Ads would be a better option than Google Adwords.  These situations would include when there is a large number of searches being made, but the economics are marginal with Google Adwords.  Another situation where Bing Ads is better than Google Adwords would be when only a certain amount of business is needed and the number of visits could be fulfilled strictly through Bing.  The return on investment (ROI) would be better with the lower cost ads (i.e. Bing versus Google).

If you have any questions regarding Bing Ads, Cityline Websites will be happy to answer your questions.


Advertising on Specific Websites

Often advertising on an industry specific website is a great method to get relevant traffic to your website.  This may include advertising your golf company on a golf website or a home construction website on a handyman blog. 

It's important to plan your website advertising campaign to ensure you have the appropriate ads on the appropriate websites.  Have an expert ensure your ads are relevant, engaging and attractive.

Important note about advertising:  If you are paying to have your website ad showing up on another website, make sure there is a NOFOLLOW tag on the link.  Google penalizes sites for purchased links.  If Google feels your website has a paid ad on another site, and there is no NOFOLLOW tag, they will assume you bought the link and you may be penalized.

Contact Cityline Websites to find out more about placing ads on relevant websites.

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