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Making Web Content Readable and Persuasive

Good copy is imperative for a successful website. Content is what keeps people on your website and a good content writer can keep the readers engaged.  Relevant content is also important for your search engine ranking.

What Makes Great Web Copy?

Copy appropriate for a website is not just about being engaging.  The following points need to be considered when writing website content.

Length of content - it is important that your website have the appropriate amount of text comparable to other websites in your field. For example, an e-commerce site will have much less text than a Search Engine Optimization company.

Use of Keywords -  Your website copy must have the keywords relevant to the topic you are promoting, and these keywords need to be realistic.  You won't be able to rank well for exercise with a 5 page website discussing nutrition.  You would be better to write about your exercise clinic in North Vancouver and the programs it offers.

Writing Complexity - It is important to write at a level appropriate to your audience.  Generally, this will again be similar to your competition.  Pay attention to the number of syllables and length of sentences.  Again, they shouldn't be to different from the websites you are trying to out rank.

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