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March 1st, 2017 | in Online Marketing
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Have you created an app but not sure how to market it and get it out into the world? With the millions of apps that are currently available, a challenge arises when determining how to get yours to stand out and be noticed. There are a number of steps you can take to help people find your app and hopefully generate app downloads and purchases, which are as follows:

1 – Strategic Description

  • A neat trick you can do with the description field is to mention your direct competition, especially the successful competition. "This app is similar to _____, which also does _____." This could help your app come up in more search results.
  • Key features/benefits highlighted in a bullet point list for easy identification and scanability.

2 – Change Release Date

  • After submitting your app to an app store, it will default to the date of submission. By changing this date manually to the date it was actually available on the store will put your app on the “new app” page for potential initial sales.

3 – Get Reviewed

  • By sending Press Releases to blogging sites like Mashable or TechCrunch, you open up the possibility of having a blog made about the app which could increase awareness and drive sales. Other review sites will often follow their lead.
  • A constantly updated list of websites that review apps can be found here

4 – Offer a Free Version

  • Offer a free version of the app so users can see how it works but with full features only available on the paid version. Entice users to pay for the full version as they realize the importance of all features

5 – Create a Video to Post on YouTube

  • Creating a video of how the app works will allow for helping users with features in addition to promoting the app itself for new users.

Websites By The Month can help you in creating a website for your app in addition to marketing it online. Through implementing these steps in addition to having an effective website for your app, the chances your app will be found by potential customers will increase significantly, along with your sales!


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